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58.6 A City That Counts LogoWe all use numeracy skills in everyday life and this is no different while at university.  For example you use these skills when scaling recipes up or down, doing your personal budgeting or comparing rental deals.

Learn more about the Challenge here.

Check up on your everyday numeracy skills by taking the online National Numeracy Challenge www.nnchallenge.org.uk/uopst (Access code: uopst) today.

The challenge focuses on numeracy that helps people make decisions in day-to-day life  – from understanding interest rates to planning a journey – and provides learning opportunities if you’d like to improve your skills.

The National Numeracy Challenge aims to challenge negative attitudes towards maths and to reduce the number of adults in the UK with low numeracy by more than one million over the next five years. The University is supporting the challenge by encouraging students to take part. You can do this at your desk or at home, or visit one of the locations on campus  where you can complete the online challenge or learn more online to improve your numeracy, supported by volunteers who are enthusiastic about numeracy.

Your results are for your personal use to gauge your own development. The University will only receive summary information including how many took part and carried out further learning. This information will be used to assess whether the challenge is beneficial for University staff and students. This scheme has also been be rolled out across the city as part of Portsmouth City Council’s numeracy strategy.

To take the challenge www.nnchallenge.org.uk/uopst (Access code: uopst) at your home computer or a university computer.  If you feel that you need support or encouragement while you do this contact the University of Portsmouth National Numeracy Champions at numeracychallenge@port.ac.uk who can arrange to support while you work through the session at a convenient time to you both. They have been trained to provide support and encouragement but are not Maths teachers.

If you have any queries or would like more information please contact Dr Sherria Hoskins.

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