CCI students make television history

CCI television and broadcasting students to play major role on election night

CCI television and broadcasting students to play major role on election night

Students from the University of Portsmouth will be helping make television history at this week’s general election.

BSc Television and Broadcast students across all year groups – 16 in total – will be working through the night on May 7 filming at eight regional counts and conducting interviews, which will be used by ITV Meridian as part of their election coverage.

The footage will help ITV Meridian achieve its ambition of collecting footage from every count in the south east – something that has never been done before.  The broadcaster had contacted the faculty hoping for help with this huge undertaking.

Lecturer in broadcasting, Katie Still, said: “It’s a great collaboration and it’s a really big deal for the students and the course. It will be an exciting night for all of us.”

All the lecturers on the course, in the Creative and Cultural Industries faculty, conducted an extensive selection process and training workshops to select the most suitable students for the job.

The staff will also be working through the night at the University’s flagship Creative Industries building in Winston Churchill Avenue receiving the footage from the students and sending it digitally to ITV Meridian so that it can be aired very quickly.

Students on the BSc Television and Broadcast course are no strangers to high pressure filming events. Every year they film and livestream the graduation ceremonies, film at major events, film and produce videos for broadcasters and businesses, including the University, and produce a live weekly magazine style programme on CCI TV – the television channel run by Television and Broadcasting third year students.  Their work has been screened on the Big Screen in Guildhall countless times and many of their films have won praise in national competitions.

The election night filming opportunity will further hone their skills in camera work, lighting, reaction to change and interviewing while capturing essential footage for a major broadcaster on one of the most important nights in the British television calendar.

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