Protect your home at Christmas

Safer-Students-ChristmasAs Christmas approaches and most of you head home, make sure you keep your term-time accommodation safe and secure.

Here are some Safer Students tips to keep you safe:

At home

  • Close and lock windows, especially if they are at ground floor level, above flat roofs, close to drainpipes or in reach of fire escapes.
  • Avoid ‘letterbox burglaries’, never hang or leave your keys anywhere near your letterbox or window.
  • Don’t leave spare keys under obvious places like mats, pots or bricks – thieves know about these places.
  • Don’t leave valuable items on show.
  • Mark your belongings with a UV marker pen or standard permanent marker pen. Register your property for free on and help the police reunite items to their rightful owner.

Some preparation

  • Don’t label your keys with your address, just have your name and contact number, and don’t give your address if they are found. Ask for them to be taken to a police station for you to collect
  • Make sure you have adequate insurance. Bicycles, mobile phones and laptops are not automatically covered in your home contents insurance.

Where can I find more information?

You can find more Safer Students tips on personal safety, property registration, theft prevention, computer security and what do to if you are a victim of crime at

You can also talk to the University’s Police Liaison Officer, PC Dave Fairbrother on
T: 023 9284 5989 (ext. 5989 on University internal telephones)
M: 07793 369726

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