University bus running through the summer – updated timetable

The University bus will be running a summer timetable for students to use during the summer months.

A full timetable of the summer service (updated July 2014) is now available at, plus all University bus stops will be displaying the timetable.

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  1. This is welcome news, some updates o nthe bus timetable. At a post graduate student it has been frustrating phoning the universtiy and being put through here and there with no one being able to give dates when the bus stops running and when it starts running after holiudays. I will no longer have to phone and still not be able to get an answer;
    Well done UoP

  2. Its fab ! Thnx 🙂

  3. Welcome news but, would have been better to have kept 0800 bus for staff starting at 0830. Summer timetable gives the option of getting to work late or about 30 minutes early.

  4. Does anyone who uses the bus know if it stops at Richmond/Angelsea/st georges? I get lost in a straight line and due to a disability which isn’t visual I really struggle walking too far.

  5. If anyone is looking, the bus timetables have been changed today (Monday 7th July), unfortunately no-one at the bus stops knew anything about it, use the link to get the latest timetable.

    If no-one has answered Sheila yet, the bus stops between the Students Union and the Frewen Library, which is its nearest point to the Northern Campus, the walk from there is around 400 metres!

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