The University bus to run throughout the summer – updated timetable online

Please note: updated timetable now online

A limited service is running over the summer to offer a sustainable bus service for staff who would normally use our buses during term time but also for parking permit holders who may wish to try an alternative way to travel during the summer months.

Staff can also park at Langstone Student Village and use the bus as a Park and Ride. Hopefully, this will alleviate some of the restrictions on parking on the main campus due to Estates project work.

The bus service will be trialled throughout the summer and numbers of users will be assessed before it’s decided whether it will continue on a permanent basis.

A full timetable of the summer service is now available at, plus all University bus stops will be displaying the timetable.

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  1. Is this service also open to those students on year-long courses who attend campus over the summer period? This has been a specific request from students through the Board of Studies and Faculty Board.

    • It hadn’t entered my head that it wouldn’t be available for students, you’ve got me thinking now!

  2. Good idea – thanks very much!

  3. Where is the timetable? I’m clicking on the link and not finding anything.

    Great idea though 🙂

  4. Great news- as a daily Uni bus user during term-time I really miss it during the Vacations!

  5. Hi Jeannette

    Yes the Bus can be used by students its exactly the same procedure as term time. So please do tell your students to use the service as it is only a trail at the moment.

  6. When will the timetable be ready to view?? seems odd to run a service but not publish a timetable until after the service is running

  7. I still can’t find a timetable! I’ve tried the links provided but that just gives last years ones. Where can I find them please?

  8. That is really good to hear. I think staff would only need one bus in the morning before 8am and one in the evening after 5pm. Either way, grateful for the service.

  9. Is the summer bus timetable weekdays only please?

  10. Apologies to all those who were struggling to see the timetable we are unaware that the link was not working.
    There were timetables at all the bus stops and I hope this did assist during this error.
    The timetable is now live under ‘Vacation Timetable’ in the original link.

    Please remember this is only a trial service and will be monitored to see if there is a high demand over the summer months.
    Unfortunately there will not be a weekend bus and the bus will continue to run during the day to assist students, part-time workers and summer visitors.

  11. Hello,

    There is a mistake in timetable printed at the Winston Churchill Avenue (near Highbury) bus stop.
    It indicates that the last bus will be at 17:30 and online timetable shows 17:45

  12. This is a great idea and I do understand it must be extremely hard to organise. However, it does strike me as slightly odd that the usual support staff hours are 8.30-5.15pm and the bus times do not reflect this. I’d love to be able to use this service but I would in fact get home quicker walking than hanging around for half an hour after finishing work to catch the bus. I face the same problem in the morning, either arrive at work half an hour early or catch the bus at the time I am due to start work.

  13. I completely agree with Laura, I’m a big supporter of the University bus service, and green travel, but I would have thought that core work hours would have been the starting point for the timetable, as everyone that finishes work at 5:15 is not going to wait for half an hour for a bus home or finish work half an hour early in order to catch the bus.

    I am worried that this will severely affect usage, which will then make it look like the bus is not needed.

  14. I agree with Laura and Ali. The service would surely have a higher uptake by staff if worked around the core work hours.

  15. I agree with those above. As this is a trial (and an extremely welcome one at that!) it would be very sad to think that uptake appears lower because of the strange change in times which have made things really quite difficult for support staff. I now find I must leave home half an hour earlier in the morning and I arrive at work half an hour too early. Leaving work, I am waiting 40 mins for the bus home. It’s great that this invaluable service is being trialled over the summer, but I wonder if the times at each end of the day day could be tweaked slightly please? Thanks!

  16. Thank you for all your comments regarding the timetable.
    I will address your concerns with the relevant people and respond with feedback shortly.

    • Many thanks Jane. This is very much appreciated by many.

  17. Hi There

    Thanks for adjusting the timetable to one that’s more convenient, I do however have one small problem in the fact that it wasn’t advertised as changing. A group of around 20 staff were waiting this morning at Goldsmith Avenue (Lidl) for a bus that we thought was arriving at 8.27 only to find out that it was actually arriving at 8.47 making most of us extremely late.

    I’ve looked at the all staff emails and checked staff essentials over the last 2 weeks and could not find anything regarding the change.

    I find this lack of communication extremely frustrating. In future, could this type of information be displayed more visibly please?

  18. Apologies for this Jon, we’ve now sent an updated news post out – thanks for letting us know. We will make sure everyone is kept informed of changes in the future.


  19. The old (marked as ‘Summer’) & new (marked as ‘proposed’) timetables are both at the bus shelters- slightly confusing and frustrating when you realise the next bus isnt for another 45 mins (and it’s pouring with rain!)

  20. You also need to update the auto-tweets … they’re still working on term time schedules.
    But, I agree with others, useful to have over the summer.

  21. I agree with many of the comments above. I regularly used the uni bus service in the morning to get to work, specifically the 8:23 which was great. Now that the timetable has changed I’d have to leave my house at 7:50 to get the 8:03 bus (or be very late to work) and in all fairness I could walk to work in that time. I’ve now gone back to using the regular bus as this suits my morning schedule better but I would much rather support the Uni bus but its just not practical for me to do so on its current timetable

  22. Great to see those changes – thanks so much!

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