Students invited to world-first game design jam

Eldon building, the home of creativity, hosts the game design jam

The University of Portsmouth is to host what is thought to be a world first – a 48-hour game design jam for students willing to try something completely new.

The jam session is open to all University of Portsmouth students, not just those studying game design, and the aim is to give them an opportunity to practice their design skills and work under pressure to deliver a successful game design pitch to a panel of judges.

The jam is part of a larger programme of events – the games technology hothouse – most of which is open only to students studying game design and is designed to help them prepare for their exams the following month.

The idea for the jam came from computer games technology student Matt Pilbeam, and follows other similar events previously held by the University, but course leader Mark Eyles, believes this jam is the first of its kind.

He said: “We are thrilled to be running this event, I am anticipating a great turnout and I am really excited to see what ideas participants come up with.

“It is about the taking part and developing skills, rather than winning, which is secondary. Experiences like this give students a valuable experience at working under pressure and enable them to create important portfolio pieces.”

The event runs from Monday, April 28 to Wednesday, April 30 in the Eldon building.

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  1. What about this is original or the first in the world? I have attended Game Development ‘jams’ hosted by different universities (and other institutions) all over the country. Some of them only a single day, some 48 hours and some longer.

    One that springs to mind is A 48 hour game jam sponsored by Microsoft. Derby also hosted other successful Game Jams which included big name judges such as Peter Molyneux.

    Im excited about this event and all, just seems like it’s a first for Portsmouth University. Not a world first by a long shot.

  2. To clarify the ‘original’ element – yes, the Jam format is well established, but with the end product being a working game. The focus of the Design Jam is to create only a concise design document and accompanying 3-minute pitch. It is aimed at testing, specifically, the design skills of participants rather than their ability to rapidly develop.

    • Where can I direct students to sign up?

      • Apologies Simone – I have only just seen this question!

        If you want to highlight it for students next year, please contact Mark Eyles, the Games Technology course leader.

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