Portsmouth park-and-ride opens Saturday 5 April

Portsmouth’s state-of-the-art new park-and-ride will be opening on Saturday 5 April. The new service will offer commuters and visitors to the city a quick, easy way into Portsmouth every day of the week, with a special introductory price of just £2 per day per vehicle (regular price £3.50).

The introductory offer lasts until 29 June and also provides savings on weekly, monthly and annual tickets, with a week-long pass costing only £9 while a month’s use of the service is available for £35.

The service will run every 12 minutes at peak times and will be operated by First Bus for Portsmouth City Council. Services start at 7.00am and the last bus leaves the city centre at 6.21pm.

The park-and-ride is conveniently located on  the M275 at the entrance to the city and the service will stop at Portsmouth International Port, Charles Dickens’ birthplace, the city centre, The Hard for the Historic Dockyard and Gunwharf Quays. A map of the route is available at http://parkandride.portsmouth.gov.uk/maps.shtml.

Customers will travel on a fleet of brand-new double-decker buses with free Wi-Fi. New bus lanes into the city centre will also ensure the buses beat any traffic queues.

For more information, please visit www.parkandride.portsmouth.gov.uk.

For more information on the University’s green travel options, please visit www.port.ac.uk/departments/services/greenportsmouth/travel/.

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  1. “New bus lanes into the city centre will also ensure the buses beat any traffic queues.”
    The new bus lanes have CREATED the traffic queues!!

    • The bus lane from Rudmore Roundabout was already there. It’s the reduction of three lanes into two that’s causing the delays. though why they needed to do this is beyond me. The main problem with the traffic is vehicles leaving the M275 at the Rudmore Junction, then trying to rejoin where the M275 ends.

  2. The University should make an arrangement with City Council allowing University car parking permits to be used in the park and ride. This would ease traffic into the city centre as well as take pressure off University parking.

    Agreed with previous comment – since the new bus lanes came into effect, my travel time from M27 to the University has doubled.

    • Good idea Colin

      • This is a really good idea. Parking is becoming such a big problem. I would use the Park and Ride if I could access it under my permit but I can’t afford to pay £3.50 a day.

  3. As the University has a Green Travel Policy and this should be encouraged. The way I see it this will only be used by visitors to the city, not every day commuters. The cost of £3.50 per day is fair, the weekly cost is cheaper than a first bus Portsmouth weekly ticket of £18 , and the monthly cost of £35 is comparable with reduced cost from the University for bus travel.
    Its just a case of getting people used to getting out of their cars and getting on a bus

    • But the reduced cost is only for a few months and I certainly couldn’t afford to pay £62 a month which is the actual cost.

  4. Agreed,
    I honeslty can’t say I see any value in driving 90% of the way to work, only to get out less than 15 minutes away from my destination to then potentially wait 12 minutes and have to pay a further £70(!!) a month for the privelage.
    I can see this service being used by visitors to the city, and it will definitely have a use for open day but it’s use for anyone that actually lives here, or even just outside of the city is non existant,

  5. Yes the restricted lanes coming into the City are a complete nightmare with too much lane switching plus the changes at Rudmore Roundabout. It’s only a matter of time before there is a nasty accident. I don’t drive but my other half is well on the way to getting a coronary…in fact he might be the first casualty!

  6. Is there a postcode for the Park & Ride?

    • The postcode is PO6 3EN.

      • Thank you that’s very helpful 😉

      • Great but why ever if this not on FAQs or somewhere obvious?

      • Why is this postcode not on the website? It is impossible these days to read a map and drive and more than half of car users have a sat nav of some description.

  7. I was looking forward to the Park and Ride opening. I envisaged driving in from Southampton and cycling the last few miles, for days when I don’t have time or energy to cycle the whole distance. But with a parking + bike hire cost £120 pcm, and no parking cost reductions for cyclists bringing their own bike and not using the bus, there is no way I’ll be using this. My University parking permit costs a fraction of this – I agree with the previous post that if they allowed Uni permits to be used in the Park and Ride it might actually make a difference. But for now, this looks like a big fail to me.
    And to add insult to injury, the links to the cycle maps are broken!

  8. And to clarify my previous comment – to take the eco-friendly healthy option of cycling, it costs £50 pcm MORE than to take the bus from the park and ride. This is not joined-up thinking!

  9. Costs too much to use this service for a family of 4 to go to Southsea.

  10. Hi Wendy,

    Just a note to let you know the link to the walking and cycling map has been updated; unfortunately PCC keep moving their webpages which breaks our links! I’ve now uploaded a PDF so this isn’t an issue in future.

    Best Wishes,

  11. Pity it doesn’t make an extra stop in S.Sea … was looking to do the D-Day events this weekend, but as a family of 6, (£2+£8), and the worry to leave on time, missing the evening events which start at 7pm makes this a no go. Guess we’ll bear with the traffic rather. We always park at the swan lake area, so parking doesn’t cost at least.

  12. does the £3.50 cover all passengers in a vehicle, a one off payment.

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