Blood donor recruitment

NHS Blood and Transplant staff will be recruiting new and lapsed blood donors at the University on Thursday 20 March between 12.00pm and 3.00pm, on the ground floor of the Union Building.

They need more people to sign up as blood donors in the Portsmouth area and this is your chance.

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  1. Is this a good opportunity to look at whether sessions can be held at the University? With the new buildings, I would hope a suitable space could be found.

  2. It would be much better if we were able to give blood at the university as we used to. It’s a real pain having to trek off to Fratton Park or somewhere else in Portsmouth. I’m sure there would be more student donors if sessions were at the university.

    Michael McCabe – a blood donor for over 40 years 🙂

  3. Great idea – thanks to who ever arranged this:)
    I’ll be there – – sooooo much easier in house.

  4. I agree, lets try and get the blood donor sessions back. If there are no sessions in central Portsmouth anymore, surely there must be sufficient potential donors and suitable space. My local donor session are always fully booked and I struggle to get an opportunity to donate even though they are desperate for our blood.

    • I’m a regular donor, and asked at my latest session what was needed. The answer was 150 units of blood (sessions at Uni’s tend to get a lower level of donations as students might not have eaten/be able to give/never given before and therefore process takes longer), a flat ground level space and somewhere to park their big van and staff cars. The issue with where to park the cars is why donations stopped at the Guildhall. However, I think it is time to see if we can start Uni donations again…

  5. Wow! That’s a great idea! Donating blood is so very important; getting lapsed donors in to do their part again is a fantastic plan.

  6. Great idea…do we need to book a time or is it just a drop-in session?

  7. I agree it would be great if we could give blood on site.

  8. Blood donor sessions at Uni would be excellent.

  9. Adding another agreeing nod to blood donation on site. I used to donate regularly, but find it difficult to do this out of work because evenings are short and wait times are tremendous, even with appointments.

  10. Just been over to sign up!! Where are you it is only 2.30

  11. No bodies there when I arrive the Union at 1430

  12. Would love to be able to donate on site.

  13. We organised their visit at the Union. We hoped they could on site to collect blood but unfortunately because of safety concerns they were not able to do it.
    It seems that students have a greater risk of fainting after giving blood.

  14. I agree with the comments above about donating blood on-site. Please can that be arranged. It worked really well in the past.

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