Staff parking permit renewals

Due to technical problems, we are currently unable to process staff parking permit renewals.

We are looking at alternative options and Portsmouth City Council have been informed of the situation.

Please be assured that no PCNs (tickets) will be issued for expired permits until the issue is resolved.

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  1. Hello,

    Can I ask if anyone else has had problems with nails in tyres after parking in University car parks? I had one 3 months ago resulting in a replacement tyre and this weekend I had to replace another tyre due to another nail. A colleague has also experienced this. Anyone else having a similar issue?

  2. Thought I was the only one and just really unlucky!
    I have also had problems with screws/nails in my tyres when using Ravlin car park.
    The tyre monitor has indicated almost immediately after passing the big red skip/storage area twice since Christmas and with runflat tyres that can’t be repaired at an average of £250 each it’s becoming expensive and very annoying to the point that when I have to do school runs and will be in late i forego using the car park now and go straight to gunwharf and pay an extra £4 a day!

  3. I have also had a nail in my tyre which I am certain I picked from Ravelin Car Park. Had to pay £100 for a new tyre. I am really concerned to hear that this has happened to other people.

    In addition the daily struggle to find a car parking space is becoming increasing stressful and expensive as I have often had to park on the road at the cost of £9 a day. There seems to be no coordinated car parking policy and far more permits have been issued than there are spaces. There also appears to be no one taking responsibility for these problems since the Mobility Committee was disbanded.

  4. Although I haven’t had a tyre problem (as yet), I have noticed the lack of control and enforcement in the car parks and I am sure that a lot of it is down to the issuing of permits to students.

    I see a lot of people who are quite obviously students parking in out car parks.

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