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Tuesday 22 January 7am

There has been no further snow in Portsmouth. We will only update if there is any significant change.

Monday 21 January 7am

The University is open today. Some pavements have not yet been treated so please take care. Main roads are clear and PCC and Hampshire CC have salted routes overnight. As yet there are no problems with public transport although trains are running to a restricted timetable. The University bus service had no problems during the weekend.

We will review the situation during the day if there is further snow.

Sunday 20 January

Snow is forecast for the next few days. We are monitoring the situation on campus and will provide an update for staff and students by 7am on Monday morning. Please check this page regularly.

Friday 18 January

Various parts of the area are affected by snow. Please check local travel information. If the campus is affected significantly by snow we will provide updates via email and on the staff and student websites – and

Update 2pm

– Purple Door, Nuffield Centre reception and all student services in Nuffield Centre will be closing at 3pm today.

– Any staff or students concerned about homeward travel should make arrangements to leave as soon as is practical. – The weekend and Monday will be business as usual unless we update you via this website.

Update 1pm

– The Information Centre in St Andrew’s Court and the reception in University House are now closed for today. – Library returns due today will not be charged. Please advise Library staff when you return your books.

Update 11am

– The Cash Desk in University House, and the University Nursery will close at 12 noon today. The  University  Counter Service in University House will close at 1pm.

Update 10.30am

Postal service The post service on campus is suspended for today. Submission of assessmentsAny coursework type assessments due to be submitted today will have their submission date extended to Monday 21 January 2013. There will be no need to submit an extenuating circumstances form in these cases. If the assessment is an examination type assessment (perhaps an in-class test or a presentation, for example) then in the case of any student missing the assessment due to the weather and the disruption it has caused, a deferral opportunity should be scheduled. If the examination type assessment event cannot take place because the staff were not available due to the bad weather, then again a further opportunity should be scheduled.

Update 10am:

– Snow is heavier in Portsmouth now. The University remains open but lectures and meetings are affected by staff unable to travel. Students please check with your department directly. – If staff and students are on campus but feel that travel home later will be difficult you may wish to leave now. Staff are asked to inform their line manager and any colleagues and students who may be affected.

Update 9am:

– The University remains open as usual today but students please check with your department for the latest news or if you are having problems getting to campus. – The University bus and First Buses in Portsmouth are no longer running today.

For staff

If staff in your area do not have access to the internet at home, please make local arrangements to contact each other by phone.

Staff who live in areas affected by snow should contact their line manager to discuss working from home or other arrangements. To access online facilities at home visit
Schools and departments are advised to contact their students directly with any changes to the timetable.

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  1. How you can expect student to come to uni if the university but it is not running?

  2. Hi Anna, if you’re struggling to get to campus without the University bus then you might want to let your department know –

  3. Hi,

    I live on Hayling island and only have one lecture to attend, is there any way to find out if my lecturer will be in/is in today?

  4. Are the taxis still running?

    • Yes, I have seen plenty of Taxi’s about today already. Although you will probably have to wait a while as they may be in high demand.

  5. Is the library still open?


    • Hi Vicky, Yes the Library is open today.

  6. Is there a reason you’re not also updating ? Many students/ staff had this bookmarked from 2 years ago.

    • Bump

      • Can we please have an answer to this? A special section of the website had already been created for snow info yet the University seemed to be unaware of it?

        • Dear Hector

          The internal communication team were fully aware of the existence of the snow website that was created back in 2010. It was updated as soon as was possible when working from home on the morning of 18 January. It was updated to link directly to this news item as this can be updated instantly and from anywhere, whereas the snow page takes a little more time and effort. Our priority was to get information to staff and students by the most efficient means possible and as early as possible in the morning. We had sent an all-staff and an all-student email the day before directing everyone to the news feeds on the staff and student websites, rather than the old snow page, as the quickest means of communication.

  7. Are the eldon or portland art shops open today?

    • Sorry, don’t know about Portland shop, but Eldon art shop is closed.

  8. The snow was forecasted yesterday, and it started snowing as early as 5am, why did the school bus running in the morning? Those that are in the uni, how are they going back to the halls? The University bus and First Buses in Portsmouth are no longer running today.

  9. Is st Pauls Gym open today?

    • Hi Cassie, yes the gym and sports centres are open.

  10. Since the course work is extended till monday,What about corse work submission via turnitin ??

  11. Hello, Is the library opened 24 hours today? In other words what time will the library shut today? thanks

    • Hi, the Library will be open 24/7 as planned. There may be reduced staff numbers but it will be open. We will let you know if anything changes.

  12. Thanks

  13. Hey…
    Will 3rd space still be open till Midnight tonight?

  14. What about the uni bus today? Is it running as usual?

  15. is the uni bus still operating ? i mean today..thx

    • Hi, the bus is running the Sunday timetable today.

  16. Hi! Will classes be cancelled today?

    • Hi Lou, there are no plans at the moment to cancel any activities today, but we will keep an eye on conditions and let you know at if there is any change.

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