Paid participants required for study on thermal responses

Researchers at the Department of Sport and Exercise Science are looking for participants for a new research study.

Participants should be male, aged 18-39 years, active, healthy and with normal blood pressure.

The study is investigating the thermal responses when cycling in two different air temperatures (30 ⁰C and 40 ⁰C), when wearing two different types of cycling clothing (shorts / leggings and jersey).

You need to be available to visit the lab five times, once for a maximal exercise test (one hour) and then four trials (with an approximate total time of five hours per session) in the heat chamber in the Department of Sports and Exercise Science.

You will receive £60 as a thank you for your participation.


For more information, to answer any questions and to participate, please contact or 02392 845594.



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  1. An additional FOUR sessions at FIVE HOURS PER SESSION.

    We’re students, not idiots!! This racks up to 21 hours work for £60.
    Less than £3 per hour – I would give it a go, but I’m not giving up this amount of time for this abysmal amount of pay!

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