Squash ladder at the Department of Sport and Recreation

nuffield-sports-centreThe monthly squash ladder is now open to all students and staff at the University.

At the start of the month, you will be put into a league and receive by the contact details of your opponents.  All players must then contact their opponents to arrange a convenient time to play.

You have one month to play your opponents in your league. After one month the leagues will be taken down and the relevant promotions/relegations will take place (top promoted, bottom relegated, third place stays where they are).

Anyone finishing in the bottom three of the lowest league or the top three of the highest league will stay where they are. The new leagues will then be re-submitted to you for the following month.

How to get involved

To get involved email your contact details to ims@port.ac.uk.
You will be immediately included in the next month’s squash ladder.



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  1. Hi,I would like to go to the gym for exercise squash but Im not student and I am living in southsea .
    Is any possibility for me to go to the gym for squash but my wife working for university of Portsmouth .
    Could you please tell me how ?
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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