Student and Neighbour Liaison Service

As members of the University of Portsmouth you are also members of the wider Portsmouth community. For those of you who are going to be living in the private sector this year remember that this community is made up of a wide and diverse range of people who are likely to live different lifestyles to you and your housemates!

  • Introduce yourself to your new neighbours, it goes a long way and they can provide you with lots of useful local information.

A common cause of problems between neighbours is a difference in opinion over what is ‘acceptable’ noise.

  • Remember the walls are thin in most houses.
  • If you are having a party give your neighbours plenty of warning and a rough time you expect it to end – respond positively if you are asked to keep the noise down.
  • You are responsible for your guest’s behaviour as well as your own – make sure people leave quietly.
  • Use your common sense over what might be considered excessive noise especially if you have elderly or young neighbours.

The Student and Neighbour Liaison Service acts as a link between students and their neighbours and is based within Student Housing, located in the Nuffield Centre.

It is also there for you! If you are having difficulties with your housemates, or your neighbours are disturbing you with excessive noise we can offer you advice and assistance to help you resolve any problems that may occur.

Contact the Service at or on 023 9284 3214.



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